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Katy B – On A Mission

When Prometheus was chained to a rock, doomed to an eternity of having his perpetually regenerated liver eaten by a giant eagle, he’d have been forgiven for thinking, “it can’t get any worse than this!” But he’d have been wrong. I don’t wish to sound harsh, but listening to this record is such a mind-numbingly tedious experience, so utterly stultifying, that in comparison being eviscerated until the end of time would be an absolute pleasure.

Ms B has a degree in music from Goldsmiths College. If you ever want to argue the case that art degrees are a waste of time* then this album must be your exhibit A. On A Mission is an atrocity. Hideous. The only good thing about it is that it ends.

* I don’t think art degrees are a waste of time. Don’t hit me.

1 April 2011.


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