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Vomitface cover Sat In Your Lap by Kate Bush

It’s probably the headline you least expected to see today, but New Jersey trio Vomitface (comprising Jared Micah, Preetma Singh and Keller McDivitt) have released a cover of Kate Bush classic Sat In Your Lap. It’s been described (by themselves) as “avant grunge”, and it’s rather splendid:

Vomitface is the manifestation of their collective despair at the lacklustre state of mainstream/”indie” music that was in severe contrast to the alternative-friendly radio they grew up on. The name stuck as a memorable and apt title to convey both that dissatisfaction with current pop culture and for their noise-rock influenced brand of heavy melodies. Jared had been musically involved in numerous projects up until joining forces with Preetma, a young law school grad who went into fashion in New York City but later discovered her true passion: beating the shit out of drums. After developing their sound, the two recruited long-time friend Keller to play his brand of sludgy distorted bass.

Jared and Keller had grown up together in a small town in west Tennessee, where they worked at a record store and hunted for new obscure music that was unbelievably scarce in their country home. Their search for larger pastures led them to Nashville, where Jared misguidedly attempted to succeed as an experimental musician amidst the honky-tonks downtown. Keller was developing his reputation as an audio engineer in his evolving home studio (now Dungeon Beach in Brooklyn) and playing in the post-rock outfit The Ascent of Everest. Jared also found a hobby stealing wheelchairs from the entrances of major groceries and giving them away online to those in need who had been turned down by Medicaid. In between those endeavours they stumbled upon Preetma escaping the drudgery of law school at shows around town [I sincerely hope this bio is true]. The rest, as they say, is history. Or the future. One of those.

If you feel like it, and you probably do, you can listen to their self-titled EP over at Bandcamp. 33 copies were pressed on puke coloured vinyl, although I think they’re all sold now.

Official website:

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