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Two Trees, One Year

This is a project where I photographed the two trees outside my back garden every weekend during 2012. In animation terms that would give just over 2 seconds of film or, if you use Windows Movie Maker 2.6 like I do, about 13 seconds. I looped the video about twelve times and put it to a song I made in 2008 called Plastic Hassle. I was hoping that the trees would gradually gain their leaves and then gradually lose them again, but they’re barren until June when they suddenly go “sproing” into life, and remain that way until the end of October where things, ahem, drop off suddenly. But still, it works. Kinda.

There’s a third tree that belongs to one of the neighbours. It disappears after the leaves fall off. I only noticed it when I assembled the video. I think that was my main fear, really – that one of the trees would be chopped down for whatever reason halfway through.

The song contains elements of: It Brings Me Down by Billy Nichols; Love Is Contagious by Taja Sevelle; If You Want It, Take It by The Boo Radleys; Control This by The Dead 60s; and excerpts from the motion picture Psych-Out (one of Jack Nicholson’s early films, a hippie drama in which he plays a guitarist called Stoney).

Enjoy the video below!

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