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Oh Scully (Please Hurry)

A love song for my Scully. I’d love to do a “proper” version with band, but don’t really know where to take it. So this phone-recorded demo will have to do!


If you’ll be my Scully, I’ll be your Mulder
I’ll be the moss that will grow on your boulder
The fine magic fingers that massage your shoulder
I’m a fountain of youth you can swim in when older

Oh poetry, poetry, woe is me, one two three
Effortless, meaningless, can’t care less, Q R S

I’ll be the hook that will hold up your jacket
Just give me that look and we’ll go make a racket

Oh Scully
Please hurry

Give me your hand and I’ll give you my pocket
We’ll fly to the moon in a custom built rocket
I’ve got the plug if you’ve got the right socket
If you think rhyming’s easy, ’til you’ve tried it don’t knock it

Oh poetry, poetry, woe is me, QVC
Effortless, meaningless, can’t care less, CBS

Days spent in limbo with Bob, Dean and Timbo
Regretting I didn’t come see you for Crimbo

Oh Scully
Please hurry

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