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“Do you want to be popular?”

Another collage (this time from August 2012) I created using, as before, random images from old scanned newspapers (which can be found at – link opens in a separate tab/window). It’s an advertisement for a fictional French talent agency. Click on the preview below to see the full image, which is 1500×1086 pixels. The image will open in a separate tab/window. Credits below.

Sources: Lutte Ouvriere (15 Nov 1964), Le Madawaska (13 Jun 1963), Le Bon Sens (28 Mar 1934), L’Ami du Lecteur (15 Jan 1900, 15 Feb 1901 and 15 Nov 1901), The Gazette Times (1 Jan 1907), Chic (10 Oct 1954), and

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