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Hallucination Generation

This is a collage I created in July 2012 using random images from old scanned newspapers (you can find them at – link opens in a separate tab/window). It’s a poster for a non-existent event, and the background gradient is based on those used for band posters in the ’60s at places like The Fillmore. Click to enlarge (1561×2118 pixels – opens in a separate tab/window). Credits below.

Sources: The Milwaukee Journal (25 Jan 1960, 12 Jul 1961, 4 Jan 1967, 5 Jan 1967 and 20 Oct 1967), The Western Star (30 Jun 1966), The Chehalis Bee-Nugget (2 Jan 1931), Nord Hebdo (1 Sep 1972), The Evening Independent (16 Jul 1964), The Age (8 Nov 1965), and Toledo Blade (3 May 1962).

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