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I made this video for a song I wrote back in 2003. The song is called Noodle and features a drum loop sampled from Sonic Youth’s 100%, plus me on distorted mic going “woo” for the lead and “mmmmm” for the bass. The video is stop motion, was “shot” on the 21st January 2012, and I’m actually delighted with how it turned out.

Some notes: there are, if you exclude the title and end credits, 241 separate photographs in the video, taken with a Canon EOS 500D. A “vintage effect” technique was applied to every frame, which is why the colours in parts are so weird. The pigeon in the credits was being cool in Kensington Gardens. Shooting locations include the Royal Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, and Waterlea Meadow in Furnace Green, Crawley. The video was put together using Microsoft’s still remarkable Windows Movie Maker 2.6.

Don’t have the volume up too high: the video may start with five seconds of silence, but then the noise begins.

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