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A new currency

We live in desperate times. The Dollar could dive, the Pound might plummet, and the Euro seems likely to erase itself from existence. So it’s time for a new currency. You can click on all of these to enlarge them (links open in separate tab/window), although they won’t get that much bigger.

First you have the standard Twenty Hawaiian Tigers:

Then there is the Third Base Man:

You won’t get far in life without the One Iron Bed (Free Carp):

Of course there is the exceptional and wondrous 342,000 Blocks:

And one of the rarest notes of all – the Fifty Cent on the Dollar (About 75 Per Cent):

The Official 7, which is already much sought after:

And finally the $5.00 Large Cinnamon, with its anti-forgery watermarks:

Each note only has one side, which is a bit of a problem because they have to be printed as Möbius strips. Vending machine manufacturers aren’t happy about this, but I’m sure we’ll find a solution.

Images are from various newspapers available from the Google News Archive.

All images from The Deseret News (1 Feb 1893, 3 June 1898 and 2 Sep 1899), except for:

The 342,000 Blocks, which contains elements of The Morning Herald (15 Mar 1895) and the Spokane Daily Chronicle (24 May 1910).

The Official 7, which contains elements of issues of the Deseret News (I forgot to capture the source dates here), plus The Age-Sentinel (31 Jan 1907) and El Diario de Nueva York (1 May 1962).

The $5.00 Large Cinnamon, which contains elements of The Virgin Islands Daily News (1 Aug 1930), The Lewiston Daily Sun (2 Apr 1940 and 1 Jan 1970), The Altus Times-Democrat (22 Jan 1920), L’abeille de la Nouvelle-Orleans (7 Jan 1900), The Deseret News (4 Mar 1910 and 14 Mar 1910) and Deseret News and Telegram (6 Oct 1959).

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