Album of the month – April 2017

Well, my new harsh stance has resulted in a dearth of reviewed albums… I’m sorry for that, but there’s so much chaff out there. I use to source the albums I listen to and judging by that link I’ve heard, at least in part, a good 400 releases in April. A paltry ten were inspiring enough for me to listen to in full.

I need something to fill this space, so here’s my Spectacular List of Blur Albums In Order (or SLBAIO for short. I know, I know, it’s not much of an acronym, but I’m out of ideas here):

  1. Parklife – 96.88
  2. Modern Life Is Rubbish – 92.86
  3. 13 – 88.46
  4. Blur – 85.72
  5. The Magic Whip – 83.34
  6. The Great Escape – 80.00
  7. Leisure – 75.00
  8. Think Tank – 65.39

And now on with this month’s releases, and for once there are TWO best albums…

Annie Hardy’s first solo release is a result of deep personal tragedy in her life and is a very powerful affair. Her vocal range is, as ever, impressive – from a kittenish whisper to a howling roar. A difficult listen, but a rewarding one.

Will Sessions’ new LP is remarkable, a James Brown-esque funky collection. They’re an incredibly tight band; check out Come On Home:

I also really enjoyed Still Hungry by DJ Format & Abdominal. And wait, what, no Gorillaz? No, because Humanz is not very good. Is nobody out there ready to say, “Hey, we’re at least as good as Trementina“? There is a new Slowdive record out in May, so we shall see…

Annie Hardy – Rules
Will Sessions – Deluxe

DJ Format & Abdominal – Still Hungry

Spendtime Palace – Playdate

Curse Of Lono – Severed
Robyn Hitchcock – Robyn Hitchcock

The Black Angels – Death Song
Imelda May – Life Love Flesh Blood

Patio Solar – Migración
Sophie Villy – Planet A

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