This website used to be called Moozine. The original concept was Muzine – mu for short music reviews, and zine for, well, zine. With that url taken I opted instead for a cow-based rating system, and Moozine was born. Alas time (and the ability to write good reviews) was lacking so I had to take a break from that.

I did miss having a website though, and that’s why Slackr came into being. It’s a terrible name, I know, but one of the alternatives was the equally-not-great Cat Fur, so I think Slackr will suffice for now.

Content will fall (largely) into one of the following groups:

  • Album of the month/year – I listen to all the music out there so you don’t have to! I’m passionate about music and I’m always hoping to discover something great. My experience so far is that you have to shovel through a lot of dirt to get to the diamonds. But at least there are diamonds, right?
  • My own creations – I like to write songs and stories, make videos and collages. It’s mostly rather non sequitur stuff really.
  • Travel diaries – for the longest time I was content to just sit on my backside, but now I’ve got the travel bug and like to pop here and there.
  • Giant monster movies – I write the occasional Kaiju Review, a series that looks at some giant monster films that have been released over the years. I’m a big fan of Godzilla, and that led me to search out other kaiju films (of which there are many).
  • All things Blur – I ran the Blurcentral website for a number of years and will be transferring my favourite articles from there over the coming months.

I am still keen to do music-related posts, so any bands or artists that I hear about and enjoy will be featured. Reviews probably won’t happen again, but who knows what the future holds.

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Lucky, my sweet beautiful boo… I’ll love you forever. RIP.